Hi, I'm Ryan.

I am a 19 year old programmer from Michigan in my first year of college. I am studying Data Science at the University of Michigan College of Engineering. I mainly work on web applications using Javascript and school projects in C++. I know Javascript, Java, and am learning C++.



YAPms is a web app for creating and sharing political maps. It's like your own version of those big boards on TV!


A massive overhaul mod for the game Hearts of Iron IV. Building upon the legendary Kaiserreich mod, it asks the question: what if Germany won both world wars?


The main code behind the server infrastructure I created for the GTV Discord. Project picture by grinn.

Conversions Bot

A Discord bot for Simple, Easy, and Fast Unit Conversions within Discord.

Server Soundboard

A React app where you can upload sounds to play on any device. Built using an Express.js backend.

Senate Shifter

A page where you can shift multiple U.S Senate election results to see how Senate composition would have changed.


A fun discord bot with commands relating to the Half-Life universe. Joint project with @karmakittenx.

Margin Shifter

A page where you can uniformly shift U.S national election results to see how the outcome would have changed.

Year In Review

A React app with various graphs based around a Discord server I was a part of during 2020.

Word Search Tool

A little tool/algorithm I created to solve word searches that I would get in my Sophomore English class.


Discord version of wordle made in Discord.JS v14. Uses modal functionality for text input.


The raining line effect created for the background of this page. Good for fullscreening.

Old Websites

Old, small, one off websites made for either school or other projects I've worked on.


Estimating Congressional Results in Different Popular Vote Environments

Published 11/4/2022 | 1,459 Words

Anonymous messages in Discord using Google Forms

Published 4/22/2022 | 1,372 Words

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